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Training and Development of Brac Bank free essay sample

As every company has some enclosed information, we got the same response from BRAC Bank as expected. ? Due to a very tight schedule of the HR Manager, we could not get all the information in detail. ? As HR is a very confidential unit of the company, it would not share internal information about this department too. ? As he told us about the training process, some important issues and information are not discussed in the report. 1. 9 Managerial hierarchy: [pic] Chapter 2 Selection: The selection process starts when the BRAC bank authority starts preparation to take interview. The selection process for internal candidates external candidates are different. When bank authority searches for internal candidates, they just make short-list of the candidates who fulfill the criteria of the job the authority think that, this person may be suitable for this position. Here, it is to notify that, internal employees need to have the permission of his/her supervisor to apply for a post. We will write a custom essay sample on Training and Development of Brac Bank or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Then, their CV is rechecked again short-listed. These short-listed employees are notified for viva. They don’t have to give written as because they have already been selected once. Types of tests: For internal job candidates, the bank prepares a viva board consisting three members. One is from the required department, one is from the operation another is from HR department. They tests three types of ability of a candidates. a) Job knowledge: As the candidates are already existing member of the bank, they must have some knowledge about the bank. The responsibilities, environment, rules regulations are also asked in this part. b) Communication skills: In this part, the bank looks at how the candidates can communicate with other employees. ) Judgment skills: To know the intellectuality, swiftness of the work analytical ability, the bank ask question about mathematical or critical question. For example: they want to hire an accounts manager. They asked him that, his salary would be 20,000 Tk. If I give 8,000 Tk. in 500 Tk. note the rest in 100 Tk. note, how many 500 100 notes will be there? The faster the candidate answers the question the faster is intellectual. After the test, the selected candidates are sent to â€Å"Medinova† for their medical checkup. BRAC bank has 4-5 medical tests for them. They have to do the test with their own money. Then, a offer letter is sent to those who are medically fit. Past life analysis: There is a gap in between providing an offer letter joining letter. In the mean time, the company analyzes the selected candidate’s past life, academic certificates, references. They also analyze the KPI of the individual candidates which shows the performance ability that the person has to do a certain job. If anything is found wrong, the employee is terminated from the job. 1. External candidates: For the external candidates, the bank has three type of selection process for three different types of level. ) Entry level positions: For the entry level position, the bank generally prefers external candidates. When they find a huge number of applications for the job, they start to listing out the applications that fulfill their requirements. Then they call them for a written examination. The examination is taken on MCQ it takes one hour. The written exam contains English language, mathematics s ome analytical abilities. Then evaluating their exam paper, the candidates are again short-listed then they are called for a viva. There they are asked questions to know their ability knowledge. Generally, they are taken aptitude test, intelligence test achievement test. The selected candidates here again sent to Medi-nova for their medical test finally those who can cross the entire ropeway are given offer letter. Then their past life analysis go on later, the effective true candidates are given joining letter. The process in short can be described like below: [pic] b) Mid-level position: For mid level positions, the bank prefers direct preliminary interview. In the interview, they ask job related questions. From them, they select employee send them into 2nd interview. After that they have final interview in which they faces the board of directors. If they can make them impress, they are the newly joined mid level managers. c) Top level position: For the top level positions, the bank takes help of head hunters. The head hunter gives the resumes of interested employees after that they are called for a viva. The viva board consists of AVP, VP, MD two senior member of the board of director. Chapter 3 â€Å"Training and development Process of BRAC Bank† The training and development process of BRAC bank is divided into three parts. They are: †¢ Orientation training †¢ Job specific training †¢ Need base training BRAC Bank Training Orientation Job specific Need base Training training training Orientation training: Orientation training is the training for the new blood. We found that this training is basically given to make employees get used to the environment, strategy, methods, organization goal; working process etc. The training system for this kind of training can be divided into some parts. After receiving selected participant list, the bank designs the tentative training schedule in four stages. They are: †¢ Induction training †¢ Core banking training Dept attachment training †¢ Dept attachment training evaluation †¢ Mock test Then they communicate with resources and respective departments accordingly. After they communicate with GA (general administration and IS for all logistic support. This step will be followed collection of training notes and reading materials from resource person. Let’s get a bit descriptive on these points: Induction: This part is completed in 1 day. The induction process is divided into two sessions. At first, all the fresher employees are gathered in a conference room or hall room and then they are introduced and welcomed in the organization. Then they are told about the history of the organization, the culture, the importance of the culture, the aim and vision of the organization, the commitment of the employees and so on. After that a short break is given for refreshment. While this break, experienced employees sort of create a friendly environment to loosen up the tension and nervousness of the fresher. We found that the objective of this step is to make fresher employees know about the organization, their colleagues so that they don’t feel uncomfortable when he or she will go back to his or her working environment. Another motive behind this program is to encourage them to put their maximum commitment for the organization. Core banking training: The core banking system of BRAC bank is run by software named â€Å"Finacle†. This software controls the core banking of the BRAC bank. The employee has to know how to operate this software. Otherwise, he cannot be engaged with banking system of this bank. That is why after induction process employees are taken to BRAC bank training centre and they are taught how to use this software. It is taught in computer labs where instructor teaches employees how to use this software. The demo of this software is used for this purpose. We found that the objective of this training system is to make employees knowledgeable about this software which is the heart of banking for BRAC bank. Department attachment training: BRAC bank allocates a five day training for this purpose. It means, an employee has the opportunity to observe his or her own department. With this training he or she will be able to learn his or her job responsibility, description, colleagues and so on. We found that this is the process every bank uses to train their employees. It is very traditional and effective method. Here, employee is given the opportunity to observe his or her department for some days. The biggest advantage of this training system is the cost is very low and gives the employees real opportunity to know their work and get accommodate with the environment he or she is working in. In addition to that he or she gets a chance to know his or her job responsibility as well. Department attachment training evaluation: In this step an examination is held to evaluate the employee whether he or she is able to observe his or her department properly or not. An employee’s own department is in charge for this examination. There is certain mark to be obtained to pass. If an employee is unable to earn that mark then he or she will be given a chance again to observe his or her department for few more days. After that he or she will be recalled to attain this exam. If she or he again fails to obtain that mark, the company will fire him considering that he or she is not egger to learn and is unable to fulfill his or her job responsibility. After the completion of this training, he or she will be appearing for the mock test. Mock test: This training system is inherited from foreign countries. In our country, only BRAC bank offers this training system. This method is held mainly in training centre but sometimes branch offices offer this process on Saturday. Here, among fresher employees, every employee will be performing some variously designated positions of BRAC bank. The experienced employees will act as customers and will be demanding different kinds of services from them. Our finding through this process is that fresher will be scrutinized deeply through experienced employees. The behavior, working capacities, working commitment of the employees is monitored in this process. Sometimes senior employees try to make the employee angry to see how they perform under this tempered situation. Basically it is observed whether the employee is able to hold his nerve while he is performing the job. After the completion of these steps BRAC bank completes their initial training process for the fresher employees to build the basic foundation about their job responsibility. Job specific training: Through working process, sometimes the department realizes that some employees lack some skill for which they cannot perform their jobs effectively. For that purpose they ask human resource department to train the employees to remove their lacking. This type of training is known as job specific training. This training can vary from department to department. Here we believe that basically this is a specialized training system and this kind of training is mainly given to increase only those skills which are absolutely essential for completing their job responsibility. This kind of training is given not only to fresher graduates but also sometimes to senior employees. But this entirely depends on changes brought in the company. Whenever changes occur depending on achieving organizational goal such as computerization, automation, it is necessary to train old people to get accommodate with the change. That is why BRAC bank offers this kind of training system to the employees. Need base training: Need base training is necessary for promotion. Whenever BRAC bank offers a higher designation to an employee for his or her excellence, he has to go through this kind of training system. It is mainly for the experienced first line managers who will go a few steps forward in the organization’s management hierarchy. The process of job specific training and need base training is very much same. This kind of training is completed in two ways: †¢ In-housing training †¢ External training Training process In house training External training Before going to complete this process, the human resource department has to go through another process named training need assessment. In this step, HRD (human resource department) has to prepare a department wise existing list and their previous year training status. Then they communicate with external training institutes to collect their program offer and then they summarize it. After the summarization of data, they put it in local web. Then they send the list to the respective department heads for identifying the required training for each employee. Then they collect the training need assessment form the respective department. After that they review on PM and compilation. Again they generalize the training requirements. Then they make segment of the required training to be fulfilled by in-house, external and abroad. Then they arrange training as per training requirements of the department. Let’s see how this training is completed; In- house process: In this step at first they get the circulation of upcoming training. They receive nomination of the participants. Then they prepare probable participation list based on nomination. After that they wait for the approval from HoHR(for budget and training). At last final participant list is sent to the participants and all respective concerns. Then they communicate with GS and IS for all logistic support. Not only that, they also communicate with finance for pay order and pay the resource accordingly (in case of external resource). After this is done, they collect training notes and reading materials from resource person. Here they monitor the respective training materials collection from resource person. Then they monitor the respective training program for smooth implementation. They take participant feedback and generate report on that. After that they update training database, personal life and prepare training life. Finally they communicate with supervisor for training effectiveness and evaluation. In house process is the process, which is given within the bank. This process is used mainly for job specification training. This process can be divided into two parts: ? Class room base ? E-learning In-house processing Class room base E-learning Class room base: Class room training is given mainly in BRAC bank training centre. Here the employees are given the opportunity to know theoretically about bank work strategy, dealings with customers. This training is also given to improve English speaking skill through workshop, presentation. The organization has a realistic view on that training. They think most of the fresher employees of our country are capable enough to perform their job responsibility but they lag behind in English speaking skill. That is why besides other training BRAC bank also provides opportunity for employees to practice in speaking English and build their skill on that language. This training is taken mainly by the training institute’s teacher of different training institutes. The teacher who will be engaged in this type of training will be satisfied by the monetary rewards. But sometimes senior employees become supervisors and train the employees. This is done to minimize the cost of the organization. E-learning: E-learning is the only training method that has been introduced by the BRAC bank in our country and still is the only bank who offers this method of training in our country. The objective of this process is to make everyone aware of all departments’ working strategies so that a customer gets the desired answer of his queries form each and every employee. Additionally, an employee will be able to know the real condition of the organization. For that purpose, he or she will be able to design his work strategy according to the benefits of the company In this step, all the information is given into the internet. Employee will be using his ID and password to get this information. After that he will attain an exam on the net based on the information he gets. The entire question will be MCQs. An employee has to get 60% mark to pass this exam. An employee can attain this exam for two times. We found that this training method is very significant for the organization that is why it is told that the employee who appears this exam does not have to work on that day. This is the training method where people have to go outside to take the training. In this process BRAC bank is involved in monetary transaction with many training institutes where employees will go to the training institute and take the training. Training institutes are responsible for providing all kinds of living facilities like food, house throughout the training process. External learning can be divided into two parts; ? Local training ? Foreign training External learning Local training Foreign training Local training: In this step, employee take the training in training institute within the country first HRD gets training proposal from external training institute and then HRD communicates with them for further information. Then they circulate the training proposal to respective concern person. They prepare probable participation list based on nomination. After that they wait for the approval from HoHR(for training and budget). Then they send nomination letter with final participation list to training institute, participants and all respective concern. Communicate with finance for pay order and pay the institute accordingly.

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