Thursday, January 30, 2020

Some of the events in Lord of the Flies are violent and disturbing Essay Example for Free

Some of the events in Lord of the Flies are violent and disturbing Essay Some of the events in Lord of the Flies are violent and disturbing. Choose at least two of these events and write about: * What is violent and disturbing in them * The importance of these events in the novel * How the writer makes the events violent and disturbing. In this novel there are many disturbing and violent events, one of which is when tribe of boys are killing the mother pig. The descriptive images of the pig being killed are very violent, Jack was on top of the sow, stabbing downward with his knife. This is because Jack is deliberately killing the pig and in an unpleasant manner. Not only is it violent but also disturbing. The reason this, is that the boys who are involved in killing the pig are enjoying it and at the site of the blood makes them excited wanting them to do it more. Bleeding like mad, the hunters flowed, excited by the long chase and dropped blood. When the boys finally killed the sow they carried on with the violence by taking a spear and placing it through the pigs backside. The boys found this very funny and were crying with laughter. This is disturbing as they now think torturing and killing is fun. It is important that Jack and his hunters killed the pig as it shows how cruel they are, the pig represents innocence and venerability as it is the colour pink, only someone so evil could kill a sow with young. Another reason for the importance of this event is that it shows the readers that Jack controls the civilisation on the island, which is violent and evil and will influenced others. This also makes the readers wonder if they will stop at killing pigs as they enjoy doing it and soon there will be no pigs left. The way Golding makes these events violent and disturbing is by the language he uses. These are descriptive and unpleasant words such as bloody, terror and stabbing. Words like these make the event clearer so the reader can picture what is happening; these images that are created are disturbing. Golding also makes this event more disturbing in the way that he makes the characters react with what they have just done or what they are about to do; he giggled and flinked them while the boys laughed at his reeking hands. Another disturbing and violent event in this novel is when Ralph is wounded by the hunters and has no choice but to hide. What makes this event violent is that Jack deliberately harms Ralph The spear tore the skin and flesh over Ralphs ribs. This also makes it disturbing because it seems now that Jacks answer to most of is problems are violence, which is harm to others. Another disturbing part of this event, which is an outcome from violence, is when Ralph is looking at his wounds. The bruised flesh was inches in diameter over his ribs. The picture that this gives us is unpleasant but at the same time it causes sympathy towards Ralph as it seems that he doesnt deserve what has happened to him. The importance of this event in the novel is that it shows that the innocence has completely gone, they are not civilised and are out of control. It shows us that we cannot live peacefully and civilised without others to learn from. A good example of this is Jack as he has turned from the boy who was an innocent choir boy to a savage violent boy. As after he wounded Ralph it became the final hunt as he was to burn the whole island just to kill him, without thinking of what they were going to survive on after. Golding makes these events violent and disturbing by again using unpleasant images and by making the boys harm others in away we would not. He also uses words like; bruised flesh, swollen and tore to create these horrid images. The importance of the event in the violent killing of the sow is that it helps change Jacks and the other hunters characters, they become more savage, this is because they are performing violent actions which are disturbing. The boys are doing this because they have discovered that they enjoy and find it exciting harming; excited by the long chase and the dropped blood. This eventually prepares them into the killing of Piggy and then the hunt of Ralph, which is the climax of the book and shows us that all order on the island is out of control.

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